I Found Lost Dreams —|||— One, Two, Three Suggestions to Consider When Rediscovering a Passion

I remember when I was younger, before bills, taxes, and “adulting” all together. I wanted to live a life traveling.

On the Travel Channel there was a woman, Samantha Brown, who would visit different areas, and eat, shop, visit and let others know what to expect from her point of view. Oh, and yes, she got paid to do such a thing.

I wanted her job.

I’ll admit, back then, there was definitely the appeal to be famous, and on T.V. This has since left me, but not the desire to travel.


Although, for a period, somewhere along the way I also lost sight of this dream. I could say I’m not sure why, but truth is I think I just let it go when I had to “grow up”.

Life is still complicated. I’m still an adult with responsibilities, but I’ve discovered I don’t need to lose the dream after all.

What I once let go of has now, like a boomerang, made its way back to me. I’m visiting places I never thought I would get to see in my lifetime.

I have no desire to be in front of a camera, but I do want to talk to you through my written words, or maybe even in person one day.


How did my traveling days begin you ask?

They began with a solo road trip and meeting a traveling companion who helped to reignite this passion within me.

I will admit, I took a pretty unconventional approach to rolling down my windows and hitting the road. I made a decision to quit my job, move from Pennsylvania to Texas, and did so without entirely knowing how everything would go.

“Wait….you did what???!!!”

Yeah, I can just imagine this last sentence, going through some of your minds, and that’s ok.

There are some that would think this move was crazy. I don’t criticize their opinion, or try to convince them otherwise. If you share their opinion, I merely ask for you to continue reading with the willingness to consider stepping outside of your comfort zone.

How my personal journey began doesn’t have to be the way you start yours, but it can be similar, so don’t be intimidated.

If your choice is to run, jump, and take the leap, there are a few things to consider.

Let’s take a look at some references that come to my mind:

Dark Side of The Moon

No. 1 “Money, it’s a gas”

I find the Pink Floyd lyrics from the song “Money” to have quite the double meaning appropriate for what we are exploring here.

We will, in many cases need gas to travel after all, right? And almost undoubtedly, you will need some money. Even if your approach will be as a minimalist, some type of funds will be required or at the very least, welcomed to some degree.

  • Want to save ahead of time?
  • Secure employment for the road?
  • Or would both options be the way to go?

In my opinion, option #3 would be ideal.

Save up, and have a plan for continuing income. I don’t know if I can sit here and tell you if you choose either of the other two listed, it will be a mistake, but if you can make things easier, why not?

Whistle While You Work

No. 2 “Just Whistle While You Work”

Ok, so above we touched on money and unless you have an abundance of it from the start and ongoing, you will need to find or sustain a method to make it. Unfortunately, you will not be able to grow your own money tree, therefore, for most, a job is going to be in your foreseeable future.

So, like Snow White, if it will help, give a little whistle while you do it. The question here is, do you start your new life of traveling with one already in tow or look along the way?

Well, I would strongly suggest at the very least, having a plan of action. Maybe start with considering what type of work you would like to shoot for.

  • Want to go with remote work
  • Run your own business
  • Do seasonal work
  • Finding employment in an area that isn’t necessarily seasonal but will only last for a limited time to save up for your next move
  • OR… Any combination of these?

Regardless if you throw caution to the wind or stay within the safety net of rigorous planning, just make sure not to leave yourself in a hole so deep it’s difficult to climb your way out. Again, we’ve chosen this new way of life, so let’s enjoy it and make it easier where possible.

No. 3 “One Piece at a Time”

It’s time to ride, but in what?

Will you be like Johnny Cash in “One Piece at a Time” building your dream vehicle and what exactly will you be navigating?

Decide if you want pre-made ready to go, build it out yourself, or maybe a little bit of both. After thinking about the “how”, your home sweet on the road will come about.

There are a variety of choices of what you will be seated in for the journey. You need to choose the one that best fits you, and hey… don’t limit yourself, you can make a change or even just add another way to travel later on down the road.

You could go by camper-van, bus, car, boat, RV, and anything that will take you from point A to Z. That’s right, not just to B, let’s go all the way Z! Fall in love with your ride,
you’ll be spending lots of time together if you plan to travel extensively and possibly for life.


These are just a few of the considerations, but in my opinion they are not to be overlooked.

I also believe they are nothing to hold one back from making dreams into reality. If you keeping your focus looking up, the sky is the limit!


What are your dreams whether past or present?

Is there something you once felt so passionate about, but have since let it slip away due to pressure to live according to someone else’s standard?

If you are one who has already stepped into the traveling life, how did this all start for you and what can you share to encourage and teach others on how to start?

Please ask and share. Your dreams are important. Together lets shoot for the stars!


I bet there are plenty of people that would like to learn about your personal experiences and travels as well! Why not consider, submitting an article of your own to be reviewed for posting HERE on Roaming Interest!






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