Cameraman, Campervan, Cat: The Legend of the Fifteen Thousand Mile Road Trip


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Way back in 2014, in the annals of history…

A 7,000 mile road trip out west changed my life.

After a taste of wilderness, I craved it in the worst way.

Nine months later I caved, packed it up, and moved west.


Suddenly, I was years-deep.  Full-time exploring, working AND living off-grid in the never-ending Rocky Mountains!   Between personal high-altitude explorations and working wildfire mitigation on huge private mountain properties, I was fortunate enough to experience far more of Colorado’s beauty than most people would ever find the time or energy for.

The moment I began to plateau, I fled from Garden of Eden to van.  Suddenly I was on a crazy roller-coaster 15,000mi+, year long, epic road trip.


I do maintain SOME semblance of responsibility.  

My best friend is always patiently waiting for me at home,

Whether “home” is down by the trailhead, or in the beach parking lot.

Meet Benji Lee Tau Ha. Her names are short, just like her legs.


Benji (age 6.5) has personally ridden over 10,000 miles of road.  

She has meowed at (and received pets from) beautiful beach bums, big-box-lot boondockers, and many other amazing people in countless cities.  

My fearless white micro-panther has talked to people from all across the world:

Norway, England, Australia, Brazil, Russia, Canada, France, Mexico…

NONE of this was possible from our top-floor apartment in Colorado Springs.

Just saying.


Don’t want that view for my cat.

I don’t want that view for me.

Just. do. not. want.

A static view and a sedentary life are a death sentence.


I live in a van down by the views, and I love it.

But it’s NOT about the van or even the views for me.

It’s about gaining back some of that precious time. 

It’s about the thrill of the unknown.

It’s about freedom to create.

It’s me taking control.

F i n a l l y .


Home before the van! and a SHOOTING STAR.


Life’s too short to not obsess over your passion.
You might assume my passion is photography, but that’s only an aside to my true passion, which is seeking adventure. I have had some truly wild experiences and memorable journeys already, and I am eager to share in photo, narrative, and video.

Adventure photography is a niche defined by stunning landscapes, dynamic personalities, and challenging, ever-changing shooting conditions.

Many, many video projects lie directly ahead.

Feel free to ride along with my cat and I, by following on the ‘gram by clicking HERE

Thanks for reading, or at least briefly skimming/glancing!

-Benji Ha
Adventure Cat

-Joel Ha
Adventure Human 

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