Shopper Satchel


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Say this 5 times fast “Shopper Satchel, Shopper Satchel, Shopper Satchel, Shopper Satchel”

That wasn’t 5 times, it was 4. But nice try!

Now, if you can accomplish that, maybe you can remember to take these to the grocery store with you in place of “paper or plastic?”. 

If you are like us, you need reminders such as the tongue twister above to jog your memory when it’s time head out the door for the grocery store…

Our shopper satchel is a go-to. Stylish, light-weight, versatile, and able to hold more weight than the plastic or paper.

Other Uses: Pillow Case, Egg Collector, Fashionable First-Aid Kit, Smore Supply Secret Stash, Overnight Bag, and MORE!!

  • assorted stripe colors
  • acrylic-cotton-polyester blend
  • 12 x 14 Inches

Color availability is always changing.


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Weight 0.5 lbs

Blue Breeze, Neon Rainbow, Green Bean, Black/Gray, Red/Gray, Split Pea, Pinto Bean, Sea Foam, Red/Blue/Gray, Blue/Purple/White